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1X’s 1 Wallet, 1 Account, 1 KYC, 1 portal exchange aggregator.

Exceptional Trading Platform

Our crypto currencyplatform offers a pleasing and easy to use UI. Traders can use our UI for advanced review of the order book, or submit buy and sell orders instantly with a single click in the basic interface. An intuitive order book interface displays live best aggregated bids and offers moving up and down on a central price column offering the best global pricing.

Large iceberg order can be submitted through our smart order router to eliminate noise and make short term scalping viable by levelling out the playing field between human traders and bots, eliminating some of the inequalities found on global exchanges.

Is Crypto Trading for you?

Is Crypto Trading for you?

A career in finance and specifically crypto trading could be for you if you have the characteristics and qualities found the best traders which include courage, patience, humility, respect and a willingness to persevere. If you feel a calling to the markets, we encourage to go for it and let us know how we can help.